ALX Introduces the Next Evolution of Training Designed for High School Graduates

We are not only training technology talent. We are developing the digital leaders of tomorrow. Our new 3-Year program will equip you with the technology and leadership skills needed to thrive in the digital economy. Whether you're ready to solve Africa's biggest challenges, or aiming to access a global tech career, ALX will prepare you for success.

Leadership & Work Readiness

Equipping young Africans with ethics, values, critical thinking, leadership, project management, communication, data analysis, entrepreneurship and decision making skills

Technical Skills

Hands on experience in software engineering or data science/AI, and various disciplines of technology (Cloud Computing, SalesForce, Machine Learning/AI Data Science, Cyber Security, etc.)

Qualify for a World-Class Degree in 3 Years

Graduates from our programme will receive a certificate from ALX, and will earn academic credits that qualify them to obtain a degree from any of our global university partners around the world.

Year 1

Leadership Core

Your first year starts with key leadership training, built from our proven Foundations program at African Leadership University. This part of the curriculum instils 21st century skills to enable well-rounded young leaders and sets them apart in the workplace.
Core Skills Taught:
  • Critical Thinking
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Communication for Impact
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Intro to Tech Basics
Complete Year 1, and you will qualify for a Certificate from ALX
Year 2

Technical Core

In year two, choose your tech core of Software Engineering (SE) or Data Science/AI (DS/AI). Utilizing our Silicon Valley based training from Holberton School and our leading AI programme, you will achieve hands-on, real-world experience and be prepared for your first tech role.
SE Core Skills:
  • Python
  • SQL
  • C

DS/AI Core Skills:
  • Data Modeling
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • PowerBI
Complete Year 2, and you will qualify for a Diploma from ALX
Year 3

Tech Specialization and Degree

Year three starts by unlocking the creative potential of your new tech knowledge by specializing in a specific field of your choice. To earn your degree, you will remotely complete your program with one of our top-tier partner universities in the US, EU, or UK.
Specialization Areas:
  • Cloud Computing
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Data Science
  • SalesForce
  • Cyber Security
Complete Year 3, and qualify for a Degree from our University partners

The Benefits of Tech Training with ALX

ALX is a trailblazer in tech education, innovating the way you learn and the skills you gain to get you the career you want.

Hybrid Learning

This program is offered as a hybrid learning experience or fully online, depending on your location and interest.

Access to Local Tech Hubs

ALX learners have access to our Tech Hubs, where you can study, connect, and collaborate with your peers in a shared learning environment.

Part-Time Learning

This degree program is a 30-hour per week commitment, enabling learners to focus on skills comprehension.

Learning by Doing

All courses are delivered with work experience built-in to teach you useful, work-ready skills that prepare you for the tech world.

Transferable Tech Skills

You’ll learn future-first, cutting-edge tech skills that will keep you ahead of the trends to stay competitive in any industry.

Learn to Lead

Stand out from your peers with our recognized personal leadership development and entrepreneurship training designed to help you excel early in your career.

Our Learners Get Hired by Top Companies

Our training programs are designed for the real world. We produce work-ready graduates equipped with the skills top tech companies need.

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