What We Do

We are building a new generation of agile digital leaders for the 21st century by providing people with access to world-class skills training needed to build impactful careers in high-growth industries. Our accessible programmes empower the next generation of tech innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders with rigorous, real-world coursework.

Together with our partners – Holberton, Amazon Web Services, the Mastercard Foundation, and The ROOM – we train talent to power the world.

Our Talent Ecosystem

ALX is a part of the Sand ecosystem, an innovative global information technology services and consulting company. Sand has a 17-year track record of successfully placing competitive tech talent with some of the world’s top employers.

Our Talent Community

We believe in the value of relationships over transactions. Our approach to community is built on the power of lifelong relationships that continue long after learners complete our programmes.

All learners have access to The Fellowship after completing their programme, which is built to help ALX graduates continue their professional development.

Graduates can also apply to The ROOM, a prestigious tech talent community that provides tech professionals with career coaching and networking opportunities by connecting them with tech experts from around the world. These connections help learners tackle global opportunities as innovative, creative, and solution-driven professionals.


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