Build Your Foundation

Thinking & Mindset

Cultivate critical thinking, creative innovation and problem solving skills.

Methods & Applied Skills

Gain experience in project management, data analysis and data-driven decision-making.

Digital Literacy

Develop proficiencies in Google Workspace suite, video conferencing and basic video editing.

Communication & Collaboration

Know how to communicate and deliver presentations in a clear and compelling manner, while growing effective collaboration and peer coaching skills.

Character Qualities & Values

Understand how to foster self-awareness, emotional intelligence and a growth mindset.

Career Skills

Develop career-focused soft skills and competencies, such as effective relationship management, networking, resume writing and interview skills.

A Challenging Curriculum

ALX programmes are rigorous and push individuals to their full potential. By the time they graduate, our learners can safely rely on the technical skills they have acquired.

  • Built for Demand Unlike traditional courses, all content and assignments are crafted in response to the needs and challenges of Industry 4.0.
  • Practical Applications
    Combining technical abilities in high-demand fields with exposure to high-pressure projects in the workplace, we develop full-package, work-ready professionals.
  • Visionary and Future-ProofOur intensive and rigorous training embodies our vision for learning, designed to help graduates seamlessly navigate the competitive digital economy.

Gain Access to The ROOM

Our Prestigious Talent Community to Power Your Future

The ROOM is an unrivalled community offering incredible support to accelerate your future career in tech. Utilising the best of virtual community building through our dedicated portal, combined with exclusive in-person experiences, events and opportunities.

  • Unlock access to your community from the moment you start your ALX programme.
  • Earn Legacy Points to redeem for rewards, unlock new community access and attend exclusive events.
  • Qualify for Gold Fellowship with dedicated career support, access to opportunities, and pathfinder mentorship.
  • Attend leading global events, exclusive experiences and community activations in your city and beyond.
  • Build important connections through a network of peers, business leaders, mentors and entrepreneurs in the world of tech.
  • Host and attend community led Masterclasses and learn from global industry leaders through virtual webinars and in-person talks.

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