Rwanda-born Alexandra Mizero is an ALX Software Engineering learner currently working as an Administrative Assistant. After completing high school, she was looking for avenues to grow and challenge herself, and the ALX SE programme provided her with the perfect opportunity to do that. She is conscious of the gender stereotypes placed on women – especially when it comes to having a career in the tech industry – and is doing her best to push past them. Today, Alexandra is nearing the end of the ALX SE programme, and she continues to challenge herself to #DoHardThings.

What motivated you to join ALX?

I didn’t have any tech experience before joining the Software Engineering programme, but I’ve always had a passion for learning new things, especially anything related to computers or engineering. I joined ALX to gain a solid foundation that can help me find my place in the tech world.

As a future Software Engineer, what excites you about the journey ahead?

I’m excited to learn more from my instructors and peers in the ALX Software Engineering programme, and also get the opportunity to set an example for other young women hoping to build their skills in the tech field.

What are some of the misconceptions that exist around women in tech, and why do you think it’s important for women to continue to get involved?

There’s a misconception that STEM-related fields are for men, and are too difficult for women to be a part of. But I believe that if a man can succeed, then so can a woman. I also think it’s important to have more young women in tech, especially in Africa, because I believe we have the potential and spirit to succeed if we are given the right opportunities and resources.

What are some of the barriers you’ve faced and how have you managed to overcome them?

I initially struggled with the long hours needed to complete my tasks in the programme. But with good time management, I’ve been able to make it work so far.

Who has inspired you on your journey? Have you had any mentors or role models along the way?

I have been inspired by my peers who have completed this programme. I also have mentors such as Marteen van Middelaar and Joy Ejoifoh who have motivated me to keep pushing to do hard things.

How has the ALX experience impacted your growth so far?

ALX has helped me hone my skills in software engineering and has given me the opportunity and exposure needed to do greater things. This programme in itself is an example of how ALX has empowered me to reach my full potential.

How do you aim to make a difference through your work and add value to the world once you’ve completed your training?

In line with ALX’s ‘Do Hard Things’ mantra, I intend to work hard and go the extra mile in everything I do. I’m also looking forward to creating tech-based solutions and setting an example for other young African women who share a similar passion. 

What message would you give to young women in Africa wanting to pursue a career as a Software Engineer?

Be prepared to give your all because we only get out what we put in. You will never know your limits unless you push yourself beyond them.

Finally, what advice would you give to those who are about to start their training at ALX?

Be prepared for “harder things” and know that it will take time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears, but with the right mindset, you’ll succeed. 

ALX is at the forefront of equipping young women with the most in-demand career skills that will power the future. Take the first step into a space where you can excel, thrive and lead. Apply to the ALX Software Engineering programme now!

#WomenInTech #BeBoldLeadTech

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