Jahira Martins is the Director of Customer Experience Operations at ALX and The ROOM. She started her career in the United States helping technology companies prepare for and scale in public markets through sales and marketing automation – and hasn’t left since. Her passion for developing long-lasting solutions led her to gain over a decade’s experience in the field, working with reputable companies such as JPMorgan Chase & Co., MongoDB and Datadog.

As a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) expert, Jahira is a big believer in the power of women, convinced  that no matter the field a woman enters, it thrives exponentially.

Can you share a bit about your background and how it led you to your current position in ALX?

I am a third culture African who started my career working with tech companies and helping them thrive in public markets. Eventually, however, I was looking for a way to use my knowledge and skills to impact my continent by helping it move forward, faster.  Then came ALX and The ROOM – a perfect opportunity to fill that gap!

What motivated you to enter the tech field and pursue a career in this space? 

A love for processes and automation, the mix of creativity and logic that goes into the work I do, my husband who works in the tech space, and a little bit of luck.

What are some of your key responsibilities at ALX?

I manage a team of extremely talented individuals with whom I oversee the marketing and sales tech stack and the implementations, use, enablement and evolution of the tools within that stack. As our team motto goes, “we do hard things – easy”.

What do you love most about your work? 

The puzzles! Everyday my team is challenged with unique instances that require us to think through each scenario as a puzzle within a larger puzzle, so finding long-lasting solutions is one of my favourite things! Most recently, one of my top highlights has been the 60-day migration to a new CRM system we managed to pull off – that has got to be some sort of record!

Why do you believe it’s important for more women to get into tech and gain skills that will enable them to pursue careers in the industry?

No matter the industry, workplace, and space that women enter, it thrives exponentially, and I feel the same about the tech space just by looking at the incredible achievements and advancements that have taken place because of women. It’s a no-brainer that we need more women to get into tech and gain the skills. It’s a space that is going to continue to be at the forefront of some of the most life-changing innovations that we will see in the coming decades. We can’t get there if we leave women behind.

At ALX, we believe in the vital importance of bridging the digital gender divide and increasing the representation of women in tech. Enrol in our Salesforce Administrator programme to prepare yourself for a career like Jahira’s – full of finding solutions to exciting puzzles.

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