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As Salesforce continues to revolutionise the business world, it has become a must-have tool for management and marketing processes in customer-facing industries. With the ALX Salesforce Administrator Certification, you can stand out in today’s competitive job market with one of the world’s most in-demand skill sets. In this article, we’ll explore the exciting career opportunities available to you after completing the programme.

About the ALX Salesforce Administrator Certificate

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that helps companies manage their customer interactions, sales activities, and marketing campaigns. It is an all-in-one software that more and more businesses are adopting every day.

The person responsible for configuring and managing a company’s Salesforce platform is known as a Salesforce Administrator. You can think of them as the company’s go-to expert on all things Salesforce. They can run reports, set up accounts, manage customer profiles, manage data security, and generally troubleshoot issues as they arise. Learning these skills can help prepare you for a career in Salesforce that can be both fruitful and rewarding.

Typically, one needs to go through a certification programme to become a certified Salesforce user. The ALX Salesforce Administrator Certificate is a hybrid learning course that offers the exact training you need to become a Salesforce Administrator. In the duration of the 7-month course, you’ll learn how to solve business problems by customising and managing the Salesforce platform. The in-person and online training will give you the opportunity to gain the technical and practical skills necessary for a career in this emerging market.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the many jobs this programme can make available to you.

The Top 4 Salesforce Administrator Careers

Getting a Salesforce Administrator Certification can be a huge help for you in a wide range of careers and roles at many different kinds of companies. In 2019, experience using the Salesforce platform was mentioned in nearly half a million online job postings. Nowadays, that number is only growing. Salesforce continues to affect the way existing professions function and create new ones as well.

The ALX Salesforce Administrator Certificate prepares you for roles like a Salesforce Systems Administrator, Customer Relationship Manager, Business Analyst, or General Manager, to name a few. Finding the right career for you will depend on your own personal skills and interests. The first step in figuring that out is learning about your options.

Systems Administrator

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You can think of this career as a sort of Salesforce generalist. A Salesforce Systems Administrator manages and maintains a company’s Salesforce infrastructure from top to bottom. That means they are not only experts on how the Salesforce software itself works, but also understand exactly how a company plans to use Salesforce to meet their business needs.

As companies begin to adopt Salesforce as their customer management software, this role becomes more and more important. It is often the work of a systems administrator that makes the CRM an overall success.

The basic skills you’ll have to master in order to become a Salesforce systems administrator include Salesforce configuration, data management, business analysis, communication, and problem solving. All of these technical and soft skills can be learned as part of the ALX Salesforce Administration programme.

The day-to-day of a system administrator is usually pretty variable. There are a variety of tasks that you’d be expected to know how to complete, but the work you do each day will depend on the immediate needs of your company. On a given day, you would be expected to add and deactivate Salesforce users, import data, make sure users only see information related to their job role, train employees on how to use Salesforce, and troubleshoot problems as they arise.

A business with a good Salesforce system administrator can maximise the value of their Salesforce system, improve productivity, and increase user and customer satisfaction. This role is perfect for someone who finds satisfaction in understanding how something works. It also would suit someone who thrives in a dynamic and changing work environment.

Average annual salary: $85,000/year

Client Relationship Manager

As mentioned above, Salesforce is a CRM tool. This type of software is used by businesses that track a large quantity of leads or clients in order to either nurture relationships, gain marketing insights, or track their activities. These are particularly prominent in industries like retail, hospitality, and service, where customer satisfaction is critical to the success of the business.

A Client Relationship Manager or Customer Success Manager uses the insights gathered from the Salesforce software to nurture and maintain relationships with customers to ensure their satisfaction and retention. Given that customers are crucial to any business’s survival and operation, a customer success manager provides data-driven insights to improve decision-making and enhance collaboration across departments.

In order to succeed in this role, you need to understand how to look for and decipher the information about customers on the Salesforce platform. You will also need strong communication skills, be able to problem solve, and understand the basics of data analytics. This role relies heavily on collaboration, as you will be working within all departments of your company that deal with customers or clients.

Generally, a Salesforce client relationship manager will spend their day reviewing customer interactions, responding to customer inquiries, creating reports and dashboards for insights about their customers, collaborating with other departments, providing training and support, and monitoring system performance. You can see in this Client Relationship Manager job posting that this role requires a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform, which the ALX Salesforce Administrator Certificate would more than prepare you for.

Average annual salary: $93,000/year

Business Analyst

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A Salesforce Business Analyst focuses more on the operational processes of a business in order to make improvements or increase efficiency. They are more involved in working together with the IT team and business stakeholders in order to create the most opportunities for overall success. Importantly, they use insights from the Salesforce platform to inform these decisions and find data-driven solutions to important business problems.

A Salesforce business analyst plays a key role in improving a company’s efficiency and productivity. They ensure the accuracy of data, enhance the customer experience, facilitate collaboration, and create space for a business to grow.

Unlike the other roles mentioned above, a business analyst really needs to understand a company’s business processes, goals, and vision in order to succeed. While an understanding of a company’s clients is certainly necessary, this career is more focused on improving sales, efficiency, and revenue overall.

A day in the life of a Salesforce Business Analyst is likely to involve a mixture of technical and non-technical tasks, like configuring the Salesforce system, analysing data, managing projects, providing training and support to colleagues, and collaborating with other departments and teams. If you are someone who has a natural knack for business, this might be the role for you.

Average annual salary: $118,000/year

General Manager

A Salesforce General Manager is responsible for overseeing the strategy, operations, and performance of the Salesforce business unit in a company. The role typically involves managing a team of sales, marketing, and customer success professionals, and will find you working closely with other departments like product development, finance, and human resources.

The Salesforce General Manager is like the glue that holds all of the different parts of a company’s Salesforce presence together. They bridge gaps between departments and make sure everyone is aligned and working towards the same goal. Importantly, they are responsible for setting a company’s strategic vision for the Salesforce division. They will employ their teams to drive revenue growth through effective sales and marketing strategies using insights from Salesforce. They are also responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and developing and managing a team of sales, marketing, and customer success professionals.

This job is no joke – it is the pinnacle of a company’s Salesforce operations.

A successful Salesforce General Manager needs strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, sales and marketing expertise, financial management, as well as good communication and collaboration practices. While the ALX Salesforce Administrator course may not provide training in all of these arenas, it is a good starting point for a long, healthy career in Salesforce. Becoming a general manager is a great feat to aspire to; it combines business and customer service skills into one, making it a dynamic and exciting career choice.

If you’re a natural leader and are good at seeing the big picture, this might be the role for you. A day in the life of a Salesforce General Manager is normally very busy and varied, as you can see from this Salesforce Manager job description. You’ll likely be busy with strategic planning, operations management, talent development, and cross-departmental collaboration. It surely is not a dull career!

Average annual salary: $130,000/year

Why the ALX Salesforce Administrator Programme is Right For You

Facts are facts; Salesforce isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Now is as good a time as any to learn the skills necessary to kickstart your career and change your life.

Becoming a certified Salesforce Administrator opens the world of Salesforce up to you. It not only prepares you for a successful career within the Salesforce platform, but also equips you with a variety of personal and professional skills that can help push your professional development forward.

The ALX Salesforce Administrator Certificate is a hybrid learning experience that will provide you with the technical skills and practical knowledge that will help you land a good paying job once you’ve finished. If you consider yourself an analytical, curious, self-motivated, and communicative person, this course is right for you. Enrol today!


What is the career path for a Salesforce Administrator?

An Administrator is a great place to start, but it can also help propel you into more senior roles too. As you upskill, you can become a Developer, Architect, Business Analyst, Marketing Cloud specialist, a Senior Salesforce Administrator, or a specialist. The path you choose depends on your interests and skills.

Is Salesforce used in Africa?

Many companies across the continent use Salesforce to manage their customer relations. In South Africa, for example, Salesforce is estimated to generate over 31,000 new jobs and over $5 billion in revenue between now and 2026. As African businesses digitise, the prevalence of Salesforce as a management software also grows.

Are Salesforce Administrators in demand?

In 2022, the Salesforce ecosystem produced over 3 million jobs. As more and more companies start using Salesforce to manage their customer relations, the demand for Salesforce Administrators grows, too.

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